Tony Walker

Kerikeri Office
Authorised Financial Adviser
09 407 4317
027 272 2473

Tony has worked in the financial services industry since 1991, focusing on personal and business insurance. He believes in order to offer his clients the best service available ongoing education is imperative. Tony holds a Diploma in Business Studies for Financial Planning (Massey University) and in relation to business insurance achieved an Honours grade pass in Business Financial Services, focusing on business and company risk issues. In a world where it is easy to buy 'off the shelf' product, personalisation of a client’s needs are paramount. Tony’s processes are focused on solid 'risk management advice' rather than insurance sales. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get a plan which has been optimised and designed for your own circumstances. Tony has a dual role within the business being both Adviser and General Manager of Wealthpoint North



Hi there, my name is Angelina and I want to share my story of how vital it is to have Life Insurance policies in place. 2016 was absolutely the worst year ever. My 39 year old brother in law died of an aneurysm, one week later my father in law was diagnosed with incurable Cancer and a week after that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Besides immediate family being told, the first person we contacted was Tony. Click here to read Angelina's full Testimony.