Personal Insurance

It's not surprising that most people don't like to think about illness, accidents and Injury, but the reality is that these are risks we all face which could affect your security at any point throughout your life regardless of age.

If you were unable to earn an income because of an unforeseen event, how would you maintain your lifestyle, personal relationships and financial commitments? Have you thought about how you, your family or your partner would cope?

We understand that the process of trying to get the right insurance in place can be overwhelming. You just need to turn on the TV or read a newspaper to see the barrage of advertisements promoting an array of insurance products. Your Wealthpoint North adviser will help make the process simple by listening to your requirements and helping you identify what covers you need in order to fully protect yourself and those you love with a financial safety net in the event that the unexpected occurs.


Life Insurance - Financial support to protect what matters most

- Provide some financial security for your family in the event of your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness
- Receive a lump sum payment to help your loved ones financially
- Get assistance with funeral and other related costs


Income Protection - Make sure your income is secure, even if you’re unable to work

- Safeguard your income against illness  or injury affecting your ability to work
- Receive a monthly benefit of up to 75% of your regular income
- Continue to meet your monthly expenses if you can’t work

If you are self employed, It is possible to use ACC Cover Plus Extra in conjunction with an Income protection policy to ensure you are covered for disability caused by illness as well as accident.

Trauma Cover - Financial support when you need it most

- Protect yourself and your loved ones financially against serious illness or injury
- Get a lump sum payment to use as you choose
- Tailor the insurance cover to your own needs


Disability Cover - Adapt your lifestyle for the impacts of living with serious disability

- Financial support in certain cases of serious disablement, including if you’re unable to work ever again due to a disability
- Get a lump sum payment to financially assist you and your family
- Choose the right level of cover for you

Health Insurance - Get access to the healthcare services you need, when you need them

- Have more options in accessing services, treatments and drugs that you may not be able to afford otherwise
- Manage the costs of medical expenses
- Select from three covers for greater flexibility



If you’ve decided to take out Personal Insurance Cover – Life, Income Protection, Trauma Cover, Disability Cover and/or Health Insurance, we would love to hear from you.  Our Advisers will be able to personalise a plan to meet your needs and budget, and advise on the right options for you. We  can tailor your level of cover, benefit period, payment option and other plan options to suit your circumstances. Please don't hesitate to Contact our team.