Home Loans and Lending

Let us make this exciting time stress free for you and your family.

Talk to us about buying that new home or refinancing your existing home lending. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will advise and assist in you receiving the best terms on offer and structure the loan to optimise the overall cost of the loan over it’s lifetime.

Wealthpoint North mortgage and insurance advisers Jason Vokes and Marty Maher will be only too happy to assist you in the process of finding the best mortgage for your situation. Their knowledge, bank relationships and connections are a huge benefit in this process.

As Financial advisers we have you, our clients, best interests at heart throughout the entire home buying and loan repayment process. The advice, time and service we provide to you is generally free, but the benefit to our clients is more than this. We believe working with an Adviser will assist you to understand the process and the options available to you, allowing you to make confident and informed choices and decisions.

Getting a home loan through our business involves an initial consultation with you to discuss your home finance needs and goals. We then take this information and prepare an application which we provide to a lending partner we think would best suit your needs. We will then liaise with lenders on your behalf to quickly find the most appropriate deal and loan pre-approval for you.

Our value to you is that we have extensive experience with home loans and will represent you with to banks in order to ensure you get the loan approved and that the structure and terms are in line with your goals.

Yes, we will present the most competitive terms and interest rates available from our range of top tier lending partners. The real value to you, the client however is the benefit of our advice.

Once you have found a home to buy, we will guide you through the entire process. We will connect you with other professionals that may be required to complete your purchase such as lawyers, building inspectors. We will then set you up with the best loan structure and strategy from day one to make sure you pay off your loan and grow your wealth faster without compromising your lifestyle.

As your circumstances change over time we will continue to work on your behalf, making sure your home loan is adjusted to your requirements.  We provide ongoing advice on interest rates, how much you can borrow, plus organise for you additional borrowing for home improvements, purchases, debt consolidation, business loans and investment properties.

Feel free to contact us for advice and a fresh perspective on getting into and then paying off a home loan.