Health Insurance

Life is full of unexpected ups and downs, making protecting yourself and your family one of the most important things you can do. Health insurance helps you access the healthcare services you need, when you need them. It provides an alternative way of paying for treatment so you can use private healthcare services.


The benefits of health insurance:

- Faster access to treatment by avoiding public hospital waiting lists.
- Less financial stress by reducing your costs of private treatment and time off work.
- More choice over when you receive treatment for qualifying medical conditions.


Public health system vs. private insurance:

New Zealand has a public healthcare system that will look after your acute needs and a public no-fault accident insurance scheme (ACC) that covers you for accidental injury However, if you need to see a specialist, have non-acute surgery or a diagnostic procedure (such as an MRI), the public system will put you on a waiting list. This is where health insurance can help.

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