AMP KiwiSaver Scheme

KiwiSaver isn’t your regular savings account... 

It’s specifically designed to help you prepare for your retirement. Whether you’re just starting out or have been working for a while, it’s never too early to start planning your retirement. AMP are currently helping over 250,000 Kiwis save, and is looking after $3 billion worth of savings. If you would like to find out how KiwiSaver can help maximise your savings please give us a call.


KiwiSaver explained in 30 seconds


How much do you need to contribute?

The AMP KiwiSaver Scheme is designed to be flexible around the way you contribute. So whether you’re in a permanent job, freelancing, running your own business, or not working at all, there are options for ways to contribute.


You can contribute to the AMP KiwiSaver Scheme via:

- PAYE contributions through your employer

- Regular contributions via direct debit or automatic bank payment

- Lump sum contributions direct to AMP or via Inland Revenue


Need help choosing a fund?

If taking control of your retirement savings is more your style, select a fund that suits you. Choose from four fund types:

- Diversified Funds - blend a number of asset classes together, like fixed interest and shares.

- Responsible Investment Funds - diversified funds with a sustainable focus.

- Goals-based Funds- aim to deliver a specific investment outcome.

- Single Sector Funds - invest in one particular asset class, for instance, property, equity or cash.


When can you withdraw your savings?

While KiwiSaver is designed to help you save for your retirement, it’s flexible enough to keep up with other changes that could happen in your life.

You can make withdrawals when you reach your qualifying date, however, you may also have other opportunities to use your savings before you retire. Provided you meet the criteria, this might apply to you in the case of:

Purchase of your first home

Significant financial hardship

- Serious illness

- Permanent emigration


It’s important that you choose the fund or funds that are right for you. This will depend on what your goals are for your savings. Feel free to call us any time to have a chat about what options best suit you.


The AMP App - A very handy tool for our clients


AMP have created an App so that you can access and manage your current KiwiSaver financial information anytime, anywhere from your mobile, tablet or desktop. Below are some other ways this App comes in handy.

- View your balances, investment details and recent transactions

- See how investments are performing and change your investment mix

- Manage contributions

- Generate personalised reports


Please click here to view our library of documents and downloads such as, First home withdrawal form, Retirement withdrawal form and more.






When it comes to saving for your future, rest assured, with Wealthpoint North you're in good hands.